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Bipolar Dis, Fam/Couples, Forensic Cases, Parent Plans

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Mesing Cook
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Bipolar Dis, Fam/Couples, Forensic Cases, Parent Plans
Linda Mesing Cook, M.S. is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has served the Central Florida community for the past 29 years. She provides individual psychotherapy, family counseling, group therapy, children’s therapy, couples counseling, and parent counseling. Her current specializations include Bipolar Disorder and family/couples counseling as well as assisting individuals who struggle with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trichotillomania.

Ms. Mesing Cook is trained in the Collaborative Family Law process and is available to serve as a neutral mental health professional or child specialist in collaborative divorce cases. She is passionate about protecting the well-being of minor children in the divorce process and has worked in both large and small private practices in the Orlando area serving families who have experienced the challenges of divorce.

Early in her career, Ms. Mesing Cook participated in several international play therapy conferences and gained strong experience in working with children of all ages. She utilizes a child centered therapeutic approach which encourages the child to lead the therapeutic process, choosing from multiple therapeutic activities which promote strong coping skills, effective communication, and improved self-esteem. For children who struggle with certain behavioral issues, cognitive behavioral strategies are utilized to decrease anxiety, depression or anger/impulsivity. Parents are often brought into the therapeutic process and taught the same skills so they can support and encourage positive change in their children.

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