Florida Laws and Rules Update 2020 (on-demand course)

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Title: “Florida Laws and Rules Update for Mental Health Professionals 2020” Presenter: Anne Wedge-McMillen, Esq. Once you have completed payment for this course, please forward your email confirmation to ce@mhccf.com. Summer Katz, MHCCF Education & CE Chair, will then send you an email with the on-demand video link and the CEU survey/quiz. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. We appreciate your patience! You must successfully pass the quiz in order to receive CEU credits. Please send an email to ce@mhccf.com if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest and participation in this MHCCF on-demand course event! Course Summary: The purpose of this course is to provide basic knowledge of and practical understanding of the laws and rules governing the practice of mental health in Florida and to increase professional competency, improve legal understanding, and enhance client care. This training presentation will provide foundational information regarding the laws and rules that govern mental health counseling professionals in the state of Florida. This training will include specific information regarding Telehealth. Laws and procedures impacting mental health professionals whose clients are involved in the civil and criminal justice systems will also be presented. Participants will gain general knowledge of the laws, rules, and standards of practice that govern mental health professionals in the state of Florida (includes an understanding of rule development and important links and resources). Participants will gain specific understanding of confidentiality, record keeping, privileged communications, and mandatory disclosure (includes recent law changes and a telehealth focus). Participants will identify and discuss legal and ethical violations. Participants will review disciplinary proceedings and consequences to strategize professional, ethical, and legal best practices. Participants will explore the import and intersectionality of mental health evidence in criminal and civil trial proceedings.
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